Cayley Family History

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The Cayley crest

Cayley placenames

 A number of places are named after members of the Cayley family. They include:

  • Cayley, Alberta, Canada, a hamlet named after Hugh St Quentin Cayley (1857 - 1934), a Canadian lawyer, judge and politician

  • Mount Cayley, in the Cascades Range, British Columbia, named after Beverley Cochrane Cayley, a Canadian mountaineer

  • Cayley glacier, North Graham Land, Antarctica, named in 1960 after Sir George Cayley (1773 - 1857), inventor and pioneer of aeronautics

  • Cayley Crater, and the nearby Cayley Formation, in the Mare Tranquillitatis on the Moon, named after Arthur Cayley (1821 - 1895), mathematician





  • Everton Park, Queensland: Cayley Street

  • Glendalough, Western Australia: Cayley Street

  • Werribee, Victoria: Cayley Lane (probably named after Warwick Calmady Cayley - see Cayley-Bradbury Line



  • Bruce, Ontario: Cayley Street

  • Dundas, Ontario: Cayley Street

  • Goderich, Ontario: Cayley Street

  • Walkerton, Ontario: Cayley


United Kingdom

  • Hull, Yorkshire: Cayley Road in Anlaby

  • Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay, Conway, Wales: Cayley Promenade

  • Scarborough, Yorkshire: Cayley Lane

  • Southall, London: Cayley Road

  • York, Yorkshire: Cayley Close