Cayley Family History

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The Cayley crest


  • Vivian Bairstow, Brompton Village Trail, 2008, ISBN 978-0955997600: includes much background material on Brompton, photos of places associated with the Cayleys, some watercolours by a member of the Cayley family, and notes on Sir George Cayley (1773 - 1857)

  • E Bell, Men of Mathematics, 1937: includes a chapter on Arthur Cayley and his sometimes collaborator James Joseph Sylvester

  • Tony Crilly, Arthur Cayley: Mathematician Laureate of the Victorian Age, 2005, ISBN 978-0801880117: some biographical information, but the emphasis is on Arthur Cayley's contributions to mathematics

  • Sir J D Legard, The Legards of Anlaby and Ganton, 1926: about a family with which the Brompton Cayleys intermarried, and includes much information about the Cayleys

  • Frances Thomas, Christina Rossetti, 1992, new edition 1996, ISBN 978-1853816819: includes many references to Charles Bagot Cayley

  • William Sealy, Notes Historiques sur Cailli, Normandie, sur ses seigneurs et leurs descendants en Angleterre, 2nd ed, privately printed, Torbay 1895. Contains some information from medieval times not easily found elsewhere, especially on the de Preaux family, descended from Guillaume de Cailly. Also includes some information about the possible descent of Guillaume de Cailly from the Dukes of Normandy, but it is not clear what William Sealy's sources were


Works on Sir George Cayley, 1775 - 1857, inventor and pioneer of aeronautics

  • Richard Dee, The Man who Discovered Flight: George Cayley and the First Airplane, 2007, ISBN 978-0771029714: good on the aeronautics; some inaccuracies on the family history

  • G Fairlie and E Cayley, The Life of a Genius, Sir George Cayley, 1965

  • C H Gibbs-Smith, Sir George Cayley, 1968: a pamphlet issued by the Science Museum, London

  • C H Gibbs-Smith, Sir George Cayley's Aeronautics, 1962


Selected Works by Cayleys

Arthur Cayley 1776 - 1848

  • The Life of Sir Walter Ralegh, 1805, 2nd edn, 1806

  • Memoirs of Sir Thomas More, with a new translation of his Utopia, also his History of King Richard III, and his Latin poems, 2 vols, 1808


Charles Bagot Cayley 1823 - 1883

  • Dante, La Divina Commedia (trans.), 1851 - 1855

  • Psyche’s Interludes (poems), 1857

  • Metrical translation of the Psalms, 1860

  • Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (trans.), 1867

  • The Iliad of Homer hexametrically translated, 1877

  • Petrarch’s Sonnets and Stanzas (trans.), 1880


Cornelius Cayley 1727 - 1779

  • The riches of God's free grace displayed in the life and conversion of Cornelius Cayley, 3rd edn, 1778

  • Tour through Holland, Flanders, and part of France, 2nd edn, 1777


Edward Stillingfleet Cayley 1824 - 1884

  • European Revolutions of 1848, 2 vols, 1856

  • The War of 1870 and the Peace of 1871, 1871


George John Cayley 1826 - 1878

  • Las Alforjas, 2 vols, 1853 - an account of travels in Spain

  • Indignant Rhymes by An Illused Candidate, 1859


Ethel Barbara Cayley 1865-1956

  • Poems, pub. B H Blackwell 1911


Forde Everard de Wend Cayley 1915 - 2004

  • A Doctor in Peace and War (autobiography), 2001, ISBN 0-9540956-0-X