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A Canadian Politician's family: descendants of William Cayley (1807-1890) and Emma Robinson Boulton (1818-1890)

William Cayley (1807-1890), Canadian politician, lawyer and businessman, and his wife Emma Robinson Boulton (1818-1890) had ten children:

  • John d'Arcy Cayley (1837-1911), a clergyman who was born in England. He married Mary Magdalene Cartwright (d. 1900) in 1861 in Sussex, where he was curate in charge of a church near Lewes. In 1863 they emigrated to Ontario, Canada. There he was rector of Whitby (1863-1874), and of St George's, Toronto from 1874. In 1889 he became a canon and precentor of the Anglican Cathedral in Toronto.

  • Harriet Ann Cayley (b. 1839)

  • Francis Cayley (1845-1909), born in Toronto, who married Jane Isabel Easton (d. 1920) in 1874. They had four children: Emma Robinson Cayley (b. 1876); Adelaide Mary Cayley (b. 1877) who married R H

       Strickland; Muriel Isabel Cayley (b. 1879) who married Jay Scholefield; and William Henry Cayley (b. 1881).

  • Mary Cayley (1847-1890), known as Minnie, who married Captain W Glascott (1837-1880) in 1866, and had twelve children.

  • Sophia Emma Cayley (born in Toronto in 1851, died in Wandsworth, Surrey, England in 1930)

  • Hugh St Quentin Cayley (1857-1934), a barrister and politician who moved to Calgary in 1882, was Premier of the Candian North West Territories, and in 1897 moved moved to Vancouver, where he became a senior judge. In that year he married Leonora Adelaide Cochrane (1873-1934) in Vernon, British Columbia, and they had one son, Beverley Cochrane Cayley (1898-1928), a keen mountaineer who loved climbing in the Rockies. Mt Cayley in the Cascades Range is named after him.

  • Beverley Cayley (1859-1880)

  • Arthur Cayley (1859-1880)

  • William Cayley (b. 1852)

  • Richard Cayley (b. c.1854)


John d'Arcy Cayley and Mary Magdalene Cartwright had five children:

  • Mary Augusta Cayley (1862-1926), who was born in Sussex, England, went to Canada with her father, and subsequently returned to England: she died at Hastings, Sussex.

  • Edward Cartwright Cayley (1864-1921), a Toronto clergyman who in 1895 married Alice Broughall (d. 1951).

  • Arthur Macaulay Cayley (1867-1910), a career army officer who rose to the rank of Major in the Royal Artillery of the British army.

  • Cecil Maud Cayley (b. c.1868 in Ontario, died in 1916 at King's Norton, Worcestershire, England)

  • Emma Madeline Cayley (d. 1940), who in 1902 married Noel Burn Rosher.


Edward Cartwright Cayley and Alice Broughall had six children:

  • Arthur Bowen Cayley (1898-1973), who was wounded and captured in World War 1. In 1921 he married Katherine Vanderweken Howland (d. 1973).

  • Hugh Cartwright Cayley (1901-1967), who lived in Toronto and in 1928 married Ethel Ann Farquharson Matthews (d. 1934).

  • Alice Margaret Cayley, who married Arthur Arundell Harcourt Vernon (b. 1895) in 1925. Her husband served in both World Wars.

  • Cicely Cayley (d. 1906)

  • Sylvia Cayley (1909-1990), who in 1937 married a clergyman, Terence Patrick Crosthwait.

  • Ray d'Arcy Cayley (b. 1912), who married William Ramsay Osler in 1947.


The website has photos of some of the houses where some of these Cayleys lived, with some biographical information and some links to further information.


Hugh St Quentin Cayley


Sophia Emma Cayley (1851-1930) in 1879

Sophia Emma Cayley, 1879